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Koh Kong Attractions

Koh Kong is the most southwestern province of Cambodia. It is one of the biggest provinces in the whole country with a alot of attractions spot undeveloped coastline and a mountainous, forested and largely inaccessible interior, which embraces part of the Cardamom Mountains, the biggest coherent rainforest of Southeast Asia. Its tourist attractions include abundant wildlife; big waterfalls and casinos on the border to Thailand, while an Export Processing Zone and new port facilities are being developed for international trade.

Cham Yeam Resort

Cham Yeam Resort is located in Mondul Seima district, about 10 kilometers northwest of Koh Kong provincial town, near the Cambodian-Thai international border. Cham Yeam is a semi-natural site developed 1997 by Neak Oknha Li Yong Phat. He name it Koh Kong International Resort. Today it attracts many tourists, especially Thais.

Cham Yeam Resort is one of the most beautiful resorts in Cambodia because it have five-star hotels, guest houses, several casinos and international zoo, Koh Kong Safari World. Cham Yeam Beach features beautiful coconut trees. The Cham Yeam border checkpoint is open from 8am until 5pm and from 10pm to 11pm to accommodate the import and export of goods. 

Chi Phat

Chi Phat Koh Kong is located in Koh Kong province, which is in the Southwest of Cambodia. Chi Phat is mainland South East Asia’s largest remaining tract of rainforest situated directly in the heart of the Cardamom Mountains. With mountains, mangroves and low land swamps on the one hand and many cultural artifacts such as burial jars and wooden coffins on the other hand, Chi Phat and its surrounding area has a variety of attractions to offer both to local and international tourists. Tourists can take a walk through the forest trails and meet warm and friendly village people.

Chi Phat’s pioneering community-based ecotourism project, though at press time still a work in progress, gives hardy travellers a unique opportunity to explore the Cardamom ecosystem while contributing in a small way to its protection.

Chi Phat, though hardly the most beautiful village in Cambodia, is an excellent base for a variety of outdoor activities. Visitors can swim in the river, cycle (or take a moto) to several sets of rapids, hike in the forest (perhaps with a former poacher as a guide; US$6 to US$10 per day) and play volleyball with the locals. Monkeys, hornbills and other rainforest creatures can often be seen along the banks of Stung Proat, an unlogged tributary of the Preak Piphot River accessible by boat. According to a village elder, the last time a tiger was seen in these parts was 1975.

Longer-term ecotourism plans for the Chi Phat area call for kayaking, overnight camping, mountain-bike day trips to nearby waterfalls, river excursions on traditional wooden boats, bird- and animal-watching from observation towers and hides, rainforest canopy walks, aerial ziplines through the forest canopy and an elephant rescue centre where visitors will be able to help out. Also on the cards are one- to five-night mountain-bike trips and jungle treks (US$10 to US$30 per person per day) deep into the Cardamoms.

Kbal Chhay (Koh Por)

Kbal Chhay waterfall is located in Mondul Seima district, about 16 kilometers north of Koh Kong provincial town. Kbal Chhay or Koh Por is a natural site along a high mountain range and forest. To reach Koh Por, visitors travel along a stream amid beautiful scenery.Kbal Chhay gets its water from the Pursat stream. The waterfall is 10 meters high and 8 meters wide during the rainy season. In dry season there is less water, so locals and tourists visit the site and relax under the big rocks that resemble a cave.

Kbal Chhay or Koh Por? Both? Apparently it is still not clear what name to give this waterfall located in Koh Kong province, Cambodia. Possibly Kbal Chhay is not used as often, now that Koh Kong is asserting itself on the tourist map. Kbal Chhay is also the name of neighboring Kampong Som province's only waterfall and as such a major tourist destination there. Operators naming this Koh Por makes sense as it distinguishes it from the other Kbal Chhay.Accomadation is to be had in Koh Kong town as well as food. Nothing exists near the falls, so bringing something with you is advisable. It's a great place to while away.

The waterfall of Kbal Chhay has many sources from the mountain rank at the seaside. The history of Kbal Chhay waterfall was found in 1960. Until 1963 Kbal Chhay arranged as the clean-water sources for providing to Sihanouk Ville, but the arrangement was failed became a hidden place for Khmer Rouge.In 1997, Kbal Chhay was changed to the developing zone. In 1998 Kbal Chhay was for bid by Kok An Company on constructing road and changing this site as tourist resort for local and international tourists. Nowadays, the Royal Government of Cambodia has changed his site as the clean-water sources for providing clean water to Sihanouk Ville. 

Khun Chhang Khun Phen

Khun Chhang Khun Phen stupa sits on a rock in the middle of the sea tributary, about 1 kilometer from the provincial town. The stupa is 4 meters high and made of concrete. Because the site is small-only 40 square meters, including the stupa-it can accommodate only 10 to 15 visitors at a time. The stupa is about 1 kilometer from the provincial town.

Koh Kong residents worship there and often visit the site on national holidays and traditional festivals. Khun Chhang Khun Phen is related to a Khmer legend. Once upon a time, there was villager's daughter named Thim, who was loved by a man named Khun Chhang. Khun Chhang was bold-headed and not very handsome, but his family was rich.Thim, however, did not love Khun Chhang, they became engaged and Khun Chhang married her.

She later betrayed her husband to love a commander named Khun Phen. When Khun Chhang learned of his wife's affair, he complained to the King. The King decided to cut Thim's body into two parts. After Thim died, Khun Chhang buried her at the same place where she was killed. Because he wanted her to be reincarnated, Khun Chhang put up a soul flag pole on the east bank of the stream, facing where Thim was buried. Then he built a stupa in memory of their love. Later, the west bank of the stream was named Chetdey (a stupa) village, and the east bank was named Dangtung (a flage pole) village.

Koh Moul Resort

Koh Moul Resort Koh Kong, the biggest island in Cambodia, is 22 kilometers long and 7 kilometers wide. The island is located in Koh Kong district, about 24 kilometers south of Koh Kong provincial town. Koh Moul is 350 meters above sea level. The island has many hills and is rich in natural scenery. Koh Kong Krav has more than 10 waterfalls that range from 6 to 25 meters in height. Koh Moul features 6 beautiful beaches, known as Deum Dong Beach 1 to 6, that range from 3,000 to 5,000 meters long. All have beautiful white sand and limpid water. The water surrounding the island are full of black and white dolphines that appear along the beach from 9 to 10:30 in the morning and 5 to 7:30 in the evening.

Koh Mool Resort (Kor Kong Krau), Koh Kong is visited by thousands of travelers from all over the world as is counted among the topmost tourist attractions in Koh Kong. Situated at one of the idyllic locations of Koh Kong the Koh Mool Resort (Kor Kong Krau), Koh Kong is next to paradise. Known as the ?largest island in Cambodia?, Koh Mool is only a little away from the charming town of Koh Kong. Although much of Koh Kong still remains unexplored the tourism industry is flourishing and you will see some of the finest places of interest in Koh Kong. Koh Mool Resort (Kor Kong Krau) is only 24 km away from the centre of the town and you can hire a car to visit this lovely place. It is the natural splendor of Koh Moul Resort (Kor Kong Krau) in Koh Kong that attracts thousands of travelers.

Apart from the lovely retreats one can find waterfalls and you will stand mesmerized before the cascading waters of the fall from the height of 25 m. Apart from the tall waterfalls one can also see a number of small springs, and nooks in Koh Moul Resort (Kor Kong Krau), Koh Kong. Apart from the gushing springs you will see some the dolphins which will playfully come near you. As you stand on the beaches you will be simply surprised to see the black and white dolphins which are fearless of human touch. Your kids will enjoy the dolphin show that is organized at the Koh Moul Resort (Kor Kong Krau), Koh Kong for the recreation of the guests. if you are planning to stay for sometime then you can put up at any of the lovely retreats near the beach. A walk on the beach in the moonlit night is an experience you will never forget. 

Koh Sdach

Koh Sdech Koh Kong is located in Kirisakor district, about 81 kilometers south of Koh Kong provincial town. It attracts visitors from Sihanoukville and Sre Ambil district. Koh Sdech features a long beach, and the sea is filled with a variety of fish. The site is excellent for snorkeling or scuba diving, as the water is clear, and an array of coral can be seen growing at the bottom of the sea. According to legend, there once was a king who commanded an army on the island. Because there was no fresh water, the king searched everywhere to find some.

At last he found a rock near the sea. Thinking the rock might contain water, the king drew his sword and split open the rock, releasing an endless flow of water that local people still use today.

This small fishing village island sits at the half way mark between Ko Kong and Sihanoukville. Accommodation is available on the island, and for those interested in experiencing a totally unadulterated stay in a Cambodian fishing village, then this isn't a bad choice.

Located just a twenty minute boat-ride off the Cambodian coast, Ko Sdach is dominated by a sizeable fishing village that stretches along the side of the island that faces the mainland. While fishing is the mainstay of the local economy, the village also has a large ice-making plant, where you can watch it being made and ferried off by boat to the surrounding islands.

On the far side of the island lies the island's main beach, a somewhat rocky affair that sits beside the island's premiere karaoke bar. You can swim here if you wish and the water is crystal clear -- as an added bonus, while you're underwater you can't hear the karaoke.

Ko Sdach is surrounded by a bunch of other islands and the mainland, many of which have spectacular and totally deserted beaches -- all of which can be visited on daytrips by longtail from Ko Sdach.

Lam Da Beach

One of the best places to visit is the Lam Da Beach, Koh Kong as you can spend some time amidst sea, sand and serenity. The long stretch of the golden beach shining in the warm rays of the sum makes it a favorite tourist sports for young and old alike. The global travelers can find traces of almost every natural element if they come to the province of Koh Kong.

The Lam Da Beach, Koh Kong features as an integral part in the tourist attractions in Koh Kong. All the travelers hire a car or drive down in their own if they are the residents of the adjoining areas to the Lam Da Beach in Koh Kong. If you are planning to have a wonderful time with all your near and dear ones, then visit the Lam Da Beach, Koh Kong. It would take around one hour forty-five minutes to get to the Lam Da Beach as it is ideally situated about twenty kilometers away from the provincial town.

The exact location of the Lam Da Beach is that it is placed in the Lam Da Village of the Koh Kapi Commune both of which come under the Koh Kong District. Your kids as well as all your family member whether young or old are surely going to have a great time at the Lam Da Beach in Koh Kong. The calm waters of the sea and the picturesque locales surrounding it are definitely a treat for the eyes!

Prek Chik O'srey Sranash

The Prek Chik O' srey Sranash, Koh Kong is one of the tourist attractions in Koh Kong which the global travelers love to visit owing to its idyllic location. You are definitely going to have one of the most memorable moments of your life if you take some time off from your busy schedule to visit the Prek Chik O' srey Sranash, Koh Kong. The stunning locales which surround the Prek Chik O' srey Sranash in Koh Kong draw the travelers from all across the globe. Since it is placed conveniently at a distance of about six kilometers from the heart of the provincial town, therefore it acts as a perfect picnic spot for all.

You can hire a car and drive down for about ten minutes to reach the Prek Chik O' srey Sranash in Koh Kong. The actual location of the Prek Chik O'srey Sranash is in the village of Chhmarbak of the Bakclong Commune in the district of Smachmeanchey. There are many tourist attractions in this Smachmeanchey District so it has become a favorite tourist haunt. The lush green forests of the adjoining areas of the Prek Chik O' srey Sranash in Koh Kong acts as a natural habitat for the extensive flora and fauna of Cambodia. The travelers can see some of the nature and wildlife reserves while visiting the Prek Chik O' srey Sranash in Koh Kong.

Sner Beach

The Sner Beach, Koh Kong is one of the frequently visited tourist attractions in Koh Kong. The international travelers coming to the province of Koh Kong from the different corners of the world prefer to visit the Sner Beach, Koh Kong as it offers one of the stunning beauties of the sea and its coastline. The long stretch of the sandy beach sparkling in the shining rays of the sun is sure to be an ideal pace to spend some quality time with your loved ones. The cool waters of the sea and the unspoilt beauties of nature acting as the backdrop make the Sner Beach in Koh Kong a favorite for the young and old alike.

Recreational area: parks and beaches. Road 48, Dong Tung Commune, Smachmean chey District. 17km(25mn) From Provincial Town.

How to get to Sner Beach Koh Kong

You can either hire a car or drive down in your own to the Sner Beach which is located at a distance of about 17 kilometers from the heart of the provincial town of Koh Kong. You will come across the Sner Beach in the Dong Tung commune of the Smachmeanchery District of the province of Koh Kong. The natural beauty of the beach and its adjoining areas which lie tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the cities is going to compel the tourists to come back here time and again!

Tatai Waterfall

Tatai waterfall is a semi-natural site located in Ta Tai village, Ta Tai commune, Smach Meanchey district, about 20 kilometers east of Koh Kong provincial town along National Road 48. There are 84 families living in this area. They earn their living by fishing and hunting.

The waterfall has two stages. The first stage is 5 to 6 meters high; the second stage is 12 to 15 meters high. Ta Tai waterfall was developed as a model site in Koh Kong to attract local and foreign tourists.Ta Tai waterfall is also known as Ta Eysei waterfall. According to legend, a man named Ta Tai and his son went to the waterfall to fish because the waterfall was the joining point between fresh water and salt water. There was a storm and the resulting floods carried away Ta Tai's son.

Four or five days later, however, the boy was found at the same spot from where he disappeared. When Ta Tai questioned his son, the boy said: "There is someone who took me to a secret place, where he turned into a vampire and wanted to kill me. But suddenly Ta Eysei (a hermit) appeared to save me and took me back." After hearing the story, Ta Tai and his wife believed that their son was saved by Ta Eysei or Neak Sachang (another mane of hermit). Ever since then, the Waterfall has been called Ta Eysei Waterfall or Ta Tai Waterfall.

Veal Achaut Waterfall

The Veal Achaut Waterfall, Koh Kong with its stunning locales is sure to make an ideal ambiance for the travelers. The tourists will have a wonderful time while enjoying the lush green landscape surrounding the Veal Achaut Waterfall in Koh Kong. Everyone wants to spend some time amidst nature as the bustling city life becomes boring after a certain point of time. The cool waters of the waterfalls and the rich flora and fauna in its adjoining areas attract the tourists from across the globe. The idyllic environment makes the Veal Achaut Waterfall in Koh Kong a perfect place for excursions.

How to get to Veal Achaut Waterfall Koh Kong

You will come across the Veal Achaut Waterfall placed conveniently at a distance of about 45 km from the provincial town of Koh Kong. The whole journey to the Veal Achaut Waterfall, Koh Kong takes about one hour as it is situated away from the heart of the town in the Dong Tung Commune of the Smachmeanchey District. The surrounding areas of the VealAchaut Waterfall, Koh Kong acts as nature and wildlife reserves as many animals have made it their natural habitat. While planning your trip to the province of Koh Kong make it a point to include the Veal Achaut Waterfall as it offers a Rare beauty!

Botum Sakor National Park

Botum Sakor National Park is a national park of Cambodia. Situated on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Botum Sakor is a peninsula projecting southwest from the Cardamom Mountains. The National Park comprises 183,408 hectares of designated park land and spans three districts of Koh Kong Province: Kiri Sakor, Botum Sakor and Koh Kong. The park is under the administration of the Cambodian Ministry of Environment.

The majority of Botum Sakor’s area comprises gently sloping lowland and flood plains. The climate is characterized by a tropical monsoon and the area has two high tides per day with a range of approximately 1.5 m. The human population of Botum Sakor National Park is unknown. Disturbance is however known to be extremely high with an estimated 229 km² (~30 km²/year) of evergreen forest lost from 1997 - 2002 through illegal logging2. Although this large scale illegal logging has been halted in the last few years, the area is now under extreme threat of destruction under the pretext of so-called development1. A Chinese company named "Chinese Development Group Co" started the clearing of around 36.000 hectares of land in the district of Kiri Sakor in August 2010. This project, situated to the east of the peninsula, is officially worth US$5 billion and will include the construction of new roads, an airport, a port, a golf course, an ecotourism site and a large commercial area with residential living, hotels, restaurants and retail stores. There are serious concerns in the conservation community as well as in the local population that little, if any, international-standard environmental impact assessments were made prior to the approval of this massive development project, which is expected to last up to 25 years.

Botum Sakor National Park lies to the southwest of the Cardamom mountains occupying 1,834 square kilometers of mangroves, beaches and hills. Part of the biodiverse Koh Kong Conservation corridor and home to an extraordinary wildlife such as elephants, deers, tigers, leopards and sun bears, Botum Sakor National Park is a Koh Kong tourist attraction not to be missed by the nature enthusiasts.

It is possible to reach the park either by road (it is actually being built) or by boat, although the latter is a better option to access to the flood plains, thick mangroves and the deserted beaches of the park. Boats can be taken from Andong tuek, Sihanoukville, Koh Sdach or Kron Koh Kong. Do not miss the fishing village Preak Khsach or the mangrove lined streams.

Koh Kong Safari World

Koh Kong Safari World in Koh Kong is a small zoological park with more than 800 animals from almost 100 species such as bears, ostriches, kangaroos, giraffes, tigers, dolphins, deer and several other species from around the world. There are also several animal shows such as crocodile-show, bird-show, orangutan-show or a dolphin-show in the mornings and afternoons.

The animal theme park is great place for families and there is also a beach and a restaurant. Koh Kong Safari World is located near the Koh Kong Resort just 500 meters from the border between Cambodia and Thailand at Cham Yeam/Had Lek. There is also a caterpillar train service running between the Koh Kong Resort and Safari World.

Animal welfare may not be the primary consideration at Koh Kong Safari World, run by Koh Kong International Resort (the casino-hotel a few kilometres away at the border), but the Disneyesque gateway - in a style that Bavaria's mad King Ludwig II would have found irresistible -doesn't hint at anything sinister.

The park has the usual zoo animals but it also puts on the sort of live-animal shows banned in most countries, with performances reminiscent of a 19th-century circus sideshow. Every morning, and into the early afternoon, birds ride tiny bicycles, orang-utans dressed up as boxers throw punches and a man puts his head inside a crocodile's mouth.

Koh Kong Scuba Diving

Koh Kong Divers is the first PADI scuba diving operator in Koh Kong and offers a full range of PADI diving courses from beginner right through to professional dive master level. The team can speak a number of languages, including English, French and German. Koh Kong Divers offers daily boat trips and fund dives trips to exclusive premium dive sites in one of the few unexplored and unspoilt island archipelagos in the world.

Furthermore snorkelling and sightseeing trips around virgin islands as well as adventure travel and tour services. Although not known as a top dive destination the waters around the Cambodian coastline are now becoming one of the world's newest diving destinations, which still have yet to be explored. The Koh S'dach Archipelago offers some splendid diving and untouched coral reefs. A hidden jewel, just waiting to be explored! There are dive sites suited for all levels of divers; however some of the best dive sites require an advanced level of certification. The office of Koh Kong Divers is located at the riverfront of Koh Kong Town next to the Koh Kong Guesthouse. The Dive Center is located at Koh Totang Island.

Koh Kong Krov Weach

One of the most interesting places in and around the province of Koh Kong is the Koh Kong Krov Weach, Koh Kong. The travelers coming in from different parts of the world make it a point to visit the Koh Kong Krov Weach, Koh Kong to spend some fun-filled time with their kids as well as with all of their near and dear ones. The Koh Kong Krov Weach is not located in centre of the provincial town as it spans over a wide area. Since the Koh Kong Krov Weach in Koh Kong is a recreational area therefore all the travelers whether young or old like to spend their time here and take back home some treasured memories of the same.

The Koh Kong Krov Weach, Koh Kong is located at a distance of about thirty-five kilometers from the provincial town. But the journey takes approximately three hours and fifteen minutes since the road goes in a round about way owing to the terrain of the region. The Koh Kong Krov Weach in the Koh Kapie Commune of the Koh Kong District comprises of parks and beaches where everyone can have a great time. The sprawling parks and the sandy beach are the perfect places for you to spend some quality time amidst fun and laughter.

Mangrove Forest Koh Kong

Seven or eight kilometres outside of Koh Kong city, or Krong Koh Kong, in Cambodia is an enormous mangrove forest where visitors can observe the delicate ecosystem that locals (and probably an NGO or two) have turned into a thriving ecotourism project.

Part of the nearly 25,000-hectare Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary, the Boeng Kayak area has a kilometre-long mangrove walk, with elevated cement and wooden platforms snaking through the mangrove forest. Entrance fees (5,000 riel for foreigners, 3,000 for Cambodians) go towards supporting the project, which aims to provide local villagers with alternatives to ecologically damaging choices.

The mangrove forests of Cambodia are environmentally important, providing homes to hundreds of species of wildlife, including, it's said, the famous Irrawaddy dolphins, a pug-nosed species related to the killer whale which are endangered due to the destruction of their natural habitat. (The dolphins are often visited by tourists in their habitat 20 km outside the Cambodian town of Kratie.)

Koh Kong province's mangrove forests have been deteriorating since 1979, when the Khmer Rouge were overthrown. At that time, Koh Kong was sparsely populated, and many of the newly displaced Cambodian population chose to make Koh Kong home. The bridge from Thailand and the sealing of roads to the capital have only served to increase the population further, and more fishing and charcoal production has put enormous pressure on the mangroves and their ecosystem.

Supporting the locals in alternative occupations, such as tourism, can help save Cambodia's mangroves. In addition to the mangrove walk -- which, incidentally contains what might be the world's only public mangrove toilet -- visitors can hire boats to birdwatch among the mangroves. There's also a "resort" and restaurant set up, with a dozen or so air-conditioned bungalows for those who want to spend the night watching the fireflies in the mangroves (though since when is air-con environmentally friendly?) The easiest way to visit is to organise the journey from Krong Koh Kong, where you can hire a moto to take you there.

Kbal Chhay E91 Waterfall

Indulge in the beauty of the cascading waters of the Kbal Chhay E91 Waterfall, Koh Kong. The magnificent Kbal Chhay E91 Waterfall in Koh Kong has become a favorite tourist ahunt as the travelers wish to spend some time amidst nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. You can spend some quality time with all your loved ones while enjoying the cool waters of the Kbal Chhay E91 Waterfall, Koh Kong. The natural beauty of the Kbal Chhay E91 Waterfall in Koh Kong attracts the tourists who promise themselves to come back here for a second time!

The Kbal Chhay E91 Waterfall located in the Nagkok Village of the Commune of Bakclong in the Mundol Seyma District outside the proper limits of the heart of the provincial town. The Kbal Chhay E91 Waterfall is situated at a distance of about 24 km from the heart of the provincial town and takes about two hours and fifteen minutes to reach this place. Since it is not situated in the middle of the province therefore you need to plan your schedule in such a way that you can spend quite some time here. The nature and wildlife reserves of the Kbal Chhay E91 Waterfall, Koh Kong acts as the nature and wildlife reserves of the rich flora and fauna of the region. You might even get to see some wild animals or some rare plants which are not otherwise found in the province.


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