National road 6, #06, Banteay Chas, Slorkram
Siem Reap - Cambodia
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Clean, simple and elegant Mekong Angkor Palace Hotel is set in the heart of Siem Reap, just a short drive from the Angkor Wat and major cultural attractions. A few minutes stroll and guests will find local souvenir shops, restaurants & bars, and even nightclubs! Mekong Angkor Palace Hotel also boasts well designed, spacious and fully appointed rooms, hence guaranteeing a great stay. For leisure guests can take a dip in the pool, dine on site or even chill out at thehotel's bar. Excellent for travelers looking for a quality budget accommodation, Mekong Angkor Palace Hotel is also known for its professional service.

Room & Rates

The Mekong Angkor Palace Hotel is a carbon-friendly, budget hotel located in heart of Siem Reap town, Mekong Angkor Palace has 50 rooms , all are ensuite room . We have 30 rooms featuring with their own private balcony which you can overlooking to the city and temples.

Our Restaurant

A long day at the Temples of Angkor is hard work. There's no better way to rest your weary legs and reflect on the wonders of your adventure than by having a cold drink at our bar. Set amid the trees and flowers of our garden, our watering hole is fully stocked with soft drinks, fresh fruit juices and shakes, cold beers, cocktails, and fine wines by the glass and bottle. Tea and coffee are free. If you're looking for a little privacy, all of our drinks can be brought to your room so that you can sit on your balcony and watch the sun set in the jungle.

Mekong Angkor Palace's restaurant offers a wide variety of Khmer and European specialties prepared by an experienced chef, and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our garden includes thatched-roof huts where guests can enjoy their meals and relax in the shade.

Khmer cuisine is closely related to the culinary traditions of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, though generally less spicy. Curries, stir tried vegetables, rice, noodles, and soups are staples of the Khmer diet. Cambodia is also well known in the region for its Prahok, a strong, fermented fish paste used in a variety of traditional dishes. Rice is the principal staple in Cambodia.

Amok is a Cambodian curry that is steamed instead of boiled and more hearty than Thai curries. There are traditionally two types of Amok, one cooked with fish and streamed in banana leaf cups (simply known as amok) and the other made from snail meat and steamed in snail shells (known as amok chouk).


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